FAQ - Common terms to know about Gifco breads
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Tandoori - Our breads are referred to as "tandoori" style because they are baked in a special tandoori oven.

Tandoori and baking - Made of clay, this authentic oven has been used for thousands of years in India to make tandoori naan. The original process of making naan in a tandoori oven involves slapping dough directly on to the side walls of the oven, heated to a high heat over charcoal or wood, until a slightly crisp golden brown crust is formed.

Hand stretched - Each piece of naan and roti are hand stretched to ensure the characteristic bubbly texture and body of our breads are not lost by heavy processing.

Tear drop shape - The original shape of naan formed by being slapped on the sides of the tandoori oven.

Methi - is defined in English as "fenugreek"; this pungent and flavorful herb is used to create some of our most unique products with a taste that cannot be substituted.

Curried - A common misconception of many customers is that if it's curried it’s spicy. Curried simply refers to a blend of spices we combine and bake into our Curried Naan to create an array of flavors to compliment your meal.

Vegan - excludes animal flesh (meat, poultry, fish and seafood), Animal products (eggs and dairy). Our Gourmet India line of products are 100% vegan!

Natural - Applies to food products that have undergone minimal processing and contains no artificial preservatives, coloring, or artificial additives. Our Gourmet India line of products are 100% natural!